Who We Are


Every Runner Counts (ERC) was launched on the belief that running has a place for every pace, and whether they’re breaking the tape or finishing after the cones have all been picked up, every runner counts.

ERC aims to be the aid and cheer station on race day that fuels runners hearts and helps shepherd them through the finish: our crew doesn’t pack up and go home until every runner has made it in.

Every runner Counts is a safe place to feel welcome no matter the level of athletic abilities. We set out to break the barrier that a time limit is placed on a course and runners aren’t allowed to finish. We want all runners to feel the excitement and feeling of achievement that most people will never feel or even try to do. It is an achievement!

We want to be the cheerleader who is present for all the runners, fast and slow. We’re all a work in progress, we reach to better ourselves daily and should be recognized for such. In a world where run clubs say “all paces welcome” we truly want all paces represented and feel welcomed!

What’s Our Plan?

Our dream is to have a team of individuals who are spread out along the course helping runners along their journey. Ideally, we would like to have people who are biking with supplies for the many who are on course far after aid stations have been packed up. A large group placed at mile 25 cheering on runners and keeping in communication with the bikers to know how many runners are still on course as well as a small handful at the finish line relaying that same information to the race crew so they do not pack the medals up. We would like to be able to walk the last runner to the finish line and eventually have a special medal made for them as they had the courage to not give up.

As a non-profit, the donations will eventually cover the medals, the water and sometimes the travel expense for our team who aren’t already there – just as soon as we have enough donations for such things. In the meantime, our volunteers do this out of their own pockets and love. And of course, we are always looking for volunteers who are at each location.